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RiverRidge Excavating and Logging considers you a part of the RR family. We form close partnerships with each of our clients to ensure our services deliver satisfactory results.

Timber Harvest & Land Management

Timber harvesting is an integral part of land management, wildfire prevention, habitat enhancement, and more. At RiverRidge Excavating and Logging, timber harvesting is our bread and butter. From forwarders to feller-bunchers, we have all the latest models from top brands to get the job done efficiently and effectively.

You can’t have a good timber harvest in a poorly managed forest. RiverRidge Excavating and Logging takes the necessary steps to ensure the logging area is healthy before, during, and after harvest. We monitor younger trees to ensure they’re growing well, assess dying trees and their usability, and replant a new sapling for every tree harvested. Our commitment to maintaining and nurturing our beloved forests has and always will be our top priority.

logged hillside and river view
loading logs onto truck
chainsaw on a stump
buncher lifting logs
pile of trees

Land & Road Clearing

As much as we would love to let Mother Nature do its thing, she could use some assistance from time to time. RiverRidge Excavating and Logging does everything from building roads in remote areas to creating culverts and drainage systems to removing trees and clearing out hazardous areas. We consider ourselves a partner to the forests and communities surrounding them throughout the Pacific Northwest.

Between storms, wildfires, and nature itself, we spend a lot of time clearing the field. Roads, culverts, and wildfire zones must be cleared of timber, dirt, and other debris to ensure our community’s safety. That’s where we come in. No matter how big or small the job, RiverRidge Excavating and Logging can get it out of the way. Using a combination of advanced machinery and decades of experience, our team works hard to get the job done.”

clearing land debris
excavator clearing land

Road Building

When it comes to road building, you need a team with the right equipment and attitude. RiverRidge Excavating and Logging is hardworking and solution-oriented. We have the tools, machines, and expertise to get the job done right the first time. Not only do we have the ability, we maintain the highest standards in the industry. Whether clearing an access road or a residential area, we are prepared to handle whatever the environment and terrain throw our way.

gravel road
cleared dirt road
machines smoothing gravel over road

Hauling, Trucking, & Lo-Boying

River Ridge Excavating and Logging is on the move! Our hauling and trucking services bring the necessary equipment to job sites and haul gravel for road maintenance. We also handle all the hauling on our logging and construction projects. You won’t find a more prepared team to transport your materials from Point A to Point B.

hauling machinery
hauling machinery

Residential Site Prep

Excavation is the first step in every new residential construction project. First, we survey the property, blueprints, and vision for the job before clearing logs, rocks, mud, gravel, and other debris to ensure a level working surface. Next, our team digs trenches for electrical, plumbing, and septic systems and clears all of that dirt and debris. From initial communication to the final haul, we have the expertise and equipment to start that dream home project on the right foot.

land prep