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For over 25 years, RiverRidge Excavating and Logging has been working in and supporting Pacific Northwest forests. Our multi-generational family business prides itself on land and timber management, clearing, hauling, and excavation. We are dedicated to building a better today and protecting the potential of tomorrow.

Through cut-one-plant-one techniques, we continue to protect our beloved forests. Each tree we harvest is replaced by a new seedling, ensuring the continued growth of our forests for generations to come. It is a practice that RiverRidge Excavating and Logging has had since the beginning.

Logging is one of the most traditional jobs there is. From home construction to furniture building to fire materials, lumber is fundamental to our world. Our methods have been passed down through generations while we embrace modern technologies and techniques.”

Logging isn’t just our job, it’s our way of life.

Excavation is a crucial component of the construction process. If done incorrectly, you run the risk of water damage, unstable foundations, and more. Whether it’s for a new road or a new house, RiverRidge Excavating and Logging is here to clear the way.

the old riverridge excavating and logging logo
Our old logo always makes us nostalgic for those first years after Carl started RiverRidge. We’ve come a long way since then! But we always maintain our family-oriented values and dedication to the forests of the PNW.

Carl James Welle


When Carl James Welle graduated high school, he had every intention of becoming a paramedic. That was, until he bought his first D-4 Caterpillar. It was then that he realized just how much he enjoyed logging. It allowed him to work outside and make a difference in his cherished PNW forests. Eventually, his dream grew up and became RiverRidge Excavating and Logging. Because of his compassionate nature and his devotion to nature, he passed his knowledge and business onto his son, Jake, before his passing in 2019.

Carl Welle
Carl and Shari Welle
Welle family
Carl Welle
Carl Welle and buck

With a new generation of loggers at the helm, RiverRidge Excavating and Logging continues to carry Carl’s legacy on and do right by nature. Jake, with the help of his mom Sheri, leads the RiverRidge Excavating and Logging team through each of its projects and jobs. Carl’s knowledge and nurturing nature combine with Jake’s excitement and skills to reinforce the success of RiverRidge Excavating and Logging. We’re committed to growing with you and growing with nature.

The Carl Welle Memorial Scholarship

As part of the Oregon Logging Conference Foundation, The Carl Welle Memorial Scholarship fund was created to honor Welle, a Thurston High School graduate. Originally pursuing a career as a paramedic, his life changed when he bought his first D-4 Cat and discovered that logging was his true passion. He grew that passion into a nationally recognized company, RiverRidge Excavating and Logging. The hope of Welle’s family is that the scholarship recipients will pursue careers that involve working in or supporting forests. Welle’s family feels this is paying tribute to Carl, giving worthy students a better chance at success in their chosen field.

Scholarship Application

Congratulations to Recipients

2020-2021 Caleb Woods

2021-2022 Justin Helgren